The sweet of faith

suka suka

Have you ever fall in love or having a crush on someone or something?

Arabians call it MAHABBAH.

Its klise question, isnt it? Everybody must ever feel this kind of feeling. Now, i am even in a hardtrying to love what i am doing, research yack!

And when time goes on, i agree we could establish that kind of feeling to someone or something that makes us fed up at first. My love to my research was also starting, up and down. But, its no matter, isnt it? I always try to enjoy to love.

This case is the same as what i would like to share you from taujih I attended in.

try to always love Allah dan Rosul.

Try to always love someone or something because of Them.

Because fundamentally, every muslim have to give his Mahabbah to Allah swt and Rosulullah.

and always COMPLETE IT (takmiluha) not in a half way,

DEVELOPE IT (tafriijuha),


So we could be a muslim that could endure the world temptation (itsaa ruhaa ‘alaa ‘arodhiddunya) with:

Allah as our Rabb, Islam as our dien, and Muhammad as our rosul.

And its implications are enjoy to do many nice thing (istiltzatzuttho’ah) and heavy burden (istiltzatzu tahammilulmsyaqqot). In a wide view: we could taste the sweet of faith, or they called it HALAWATUL IMAN. Amiiiin.

“So, were you feeling the sweet of faith rightnow? Or, when, did you feel that kind of feeling?” the speaker asked.

“In a general election” Someone answered.

“why?” the speaker looked interest in someone’s answer.

“Because, i really felt down when the opposition was doing black campaign or disfiguring my partij I worked at. But an ustad then told me about Q.S Ali Imran. I forgot which ayah. But the main substance was about Allah will give power to someone already decide. Allah’s word in Ali Imran could make me felt the sweet of trust on Him.”

its all about fate.

“Thats great” the speaker said.

She look deeply at us then, and said:

“I actually wanted that all of you will answer:

Now, yesterday and forever, we taste the sweet of faith. This sweet sensation of faith was related to our akidah in Allah and Rosul. This also could be the parameters of how near is us to Allah and rosul. And it could make our iman fresh everytime. But yahh, its the ideal answer. I also try it always” the speaker said.

I suddenly remembered my highschool friend words. We know that iman is sometimes up and down. But, he told me that,

totally, its depend on what we do, to make it up or down.

I agree.

To dive in Quran in this theme, we could see in many Surah.

At Taubah 24: main contents: ….if your family, relatives and world got more your love than Allah and Rosul, just wait the day of decision!….

At Taubah 41 : main contents: ….You must jihad in Allah’s way lightly or heavily. Because its better than anything….

Yusuf 33: main contents:….dear Allah, i prefer in prison to palace if i have to do immoral thing with them….

Because the root of everything is always keep to love Allah and Rosul.

And how to always keep to love Them?

We have to know Them. Know more Them than anyone.

If we didnt do what Allah said in At Taubah 24, there were no love and iman in our heart and mind.

Lets back to past.

Remember Abu Ayub Al Anshari?

When he knew about Allah’s command to do jihad and join in war with rosul. He said to his child: jahizuni…jahizuniii (please prepare my war equipments,  please prepare my war equipments).

But his child neglect to do it and order him to just stay at home. And Abu Ayub said: Allah said that we have to do Jihad lightly or heavily. Its light for you and heavy for me, but there is no except for me, i also have to go, isnt it?

And finally, Abu Ayub died in that war. Subhanallah!

We have to met Abu Ayub in paradise yaa!! Amiiiin.

The sweet of faith is like a nice tree. Its trunk is the beginning of faith and its branch will do Allah’s command and the leaves is like benefaction, and the fruits is the good deed and its sweet is when we pick the fruits, and the peak is its perfect sweet.

Ways to get the sweet of faith,

based on HR Bukhari-Muslim:

  1. Allah and rosul in the first rank of love
  2. Love someone because of Allah and rosul
  3. Hate to back to kekufuran

Based on Amar bin Yasir

  1. Infak from kekikiran
  2. Fair to everyone include herself
  3. Making walfare to environment

Based on Ibnu Mas’ud

  1. Prevent any controvertion in an correct issue
  2. Not to paltered with jokes
  3. Realize that what will happen to us not because of our fault and our fault do not cause disaster

And A wife will not get the sweet of faith before she give allegiance to her husband.


Reported and written by Andriyana Santi

Just an human.

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