A Heart Voice from Them Who Irritate with Two Letters

suka suka

Pass!! I said to them.

“for the last, San! came on!”

“Dont sneer like that….i have  no desire to watch Ludruk again, this will be my four time”

“But this was the first for us, and wil be the first for you watching it with us. Hmm?”

I was sighing..

“Just 2000 rupiah, wasnt it?”

”huhh..ya ya ya, oke…You won!”



Ludruk. The cheapest Unit show in my campus.

The price last year was only Rp 2010.

And this year was even cheaper, Rp 2000.

I really want to share with you, yahhh finallly, one years later from my last participation in Ludruk, in my last year (i wish).

The plot of story of ludruk is the same as before and before and before again.

The difference is the theme, decoration, and the bullying object.

But don’t expect to me too much, eventhough  i watch this four time, i have no much remembrance for the detail.

But, most students who watch ludruk in my campus agree that the funniest session is one thing that i most remember, Dharma Wanita.

A group of “woman” who sang many popular song with their own lyrick that tease a certain group, include the last year students.

And unfortunately, i have no regret at all watch Ludruk (till Dharma Wanita) again in my last year (last year).

I finally made conclusion, that you must watch Ludruk, especially when you are in 4th or last grade.

It will stab on your heart. Stab on your eyes. Kick yourself crying.

Because one of the popular lyrick song from Dharma Wanita is talking about them, the last year student.

The two word that very forbidden to spell. Please, dont make me to say that word, to speel that letters, that two letters.

Its forbidden to said it to the above 4th grade (like.. someone who wrote this).

So, let me show you, the video of Dharma Wanita that day,  I got this from my friend. And she got from someones blog, i dont know who. The original song from Rossa, Ku Menunggu Dharma Wanita Version-2011.

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