Unconstructed as always

suka suka

Came out from hospital incident were far from my expectation. Three days inside room 503, with no experience seeing the sky among those isolated days, had been created imagination in my (sick) mind. I might suffer not only liver malfunction, but also a mind illness I guessed. I will test this someday. I promise.

This what was inside my brain at that time:

I opened room 503 door and stepped my foot outside. By looking far through the transparant window, where hazy sky looked so bored, I would amaze and happy. The sense was like, ah,,finally, we could stare each other damn hazy sky (I want a bright white-blue cope though). Be grateful to Lord, sanc!

No following part. Just finish as it is. 😉 kikiiki

Well, I am in a heavy thanks to Alloh since His scenario let me “rest” this one and half week are best for me, so I can a little bit ease my mind to face IELTS test I registered in british council in this Saturday, end of this month. I bet to get 7 (with this sort of writing sanc? Are yoouw syuuh?? wkkk.

You will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Good speaking isn’t it? Ciya forward that goodi moodi words which we have no idea about the author.

Eniwey, have a nice choice, lads! pray for my 7 score ielts yah, onegai!!

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