Menuju Ameriki

It’s super awesome at the first impression to meet an American-Belgian man who works for Dubai Aviation as a mathematical modelling base in Jakarta as well as a trainer at celebrity fitness, that’s maybe the reason why he looks very healthy and strong, and also works as a profession in which I destined to meet him, a GRE teacher. I can’t imagine how he manage his time to complete all things he needs to do.

In addition, he teaches very lucid and easy to be absorb to our brain. (or is it because my brain is unchanging to be relied on? :P) It’s a smaller class than that of GMAT, Nick said at the first day. But I feel this is a good advantage since in smaller class, I can get focus easier and interfere nick explanation with no dubious. Directly ask what an issue I need further explanation.

Preparing my GRE with Nick and other around 13 students, is enhancing my excitement on going to the way I want to go, pursuing my master degree to the US. Furthermore, it opened my mind that doing GRE preparation is not many people said as hard/giving you difficult questions, it may correct for verbal part sih, but I love the quantitative section, it give my left brain that so far jobless, some math work to resolve. I mean, there is a part you will finally realize that you will enjoy all or some part of that.

Don’t overwhelm to the difficulties, and don’t be disappoint to the math level GRE give to you, if you want the harder math one, you can take the GMAT test then. Truly true, for you who really love math, its very sorry to say that GRE cannot serve you the difficult question. All in the question list are mostly logical and basic math that I believe you will can go through the question and answer all of them well even you don’t do any math exercise since you graduate from high school or universities.

In term of course fee, i can say that it’s the best offer compare to other institutional.

Well, it’s not fit to say not bad on drilling my knowledge on GRE here, it is contenting!

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