Acknowledgement – 1

suka suka

There is no way I could arrive at this point and transform to the current figure of me without the co-existence of super awesome friends, brilliant coworkers and also marvelous family I am so glad to know and have. This notes is addressed to all of them. To you, guys! *denting piano dan gesekan biola.


piping 2

Three and a half years in DECI was a significant point in my life span. Deci was my first step in my formal professional path. It enriched me not only by the engineering knowledge, but also by the warm environment. I experienced three milestones in DECI, M04 and its laydown, M8A, and Zadco Project. I can say that every single moment in DECI shaped my character and perspective better on deal with life, work and friendship.

Starting a new journey was indeed delightful yet so melancholic as I have to be apart to my current colleagues. I am so proud having an experience working with all DECI and DSME member. All of you brought a specific color that brighten my life.

May success follow us wherever we go.

I will be very happy to meeting you again, guys.




(left to the right: pradit, gue, fitbro)

Human on earth who overwhelm got excited when knowing that I was planning to continue my study to the united states, Pradit the syaitonirrojim (a nickname from Nizar). This tittle was given to him from nizar as he endorsed united states that much to anyone who might continue to study there. Nizar was only one of thousand of pradit’s prospective object.

Soon after Pradit went back to Jakarta’s office of DECI, I told him that I would pursue my master degree in a country where he finished his bachelor degree, united states. It’s better not to tell him unless he will boost up your spirit and make you dream and aim higher.

At this point of age (cough, cough), I somewhat think that its better to do what we can do and don’t dream too much to do this and that, yet to just look at the reality and the situation, that was what I thought. Pradit coexistence was a bit bless as he remind me that nothing impossible, dont ever sell yourself short! that was what he ever said. Be confidence but keep humble.

Together with Fidllan, Pradit lifted up and awoke my inner power to achieve my dreams, HAGHAGHAG. Thanks broh! Fidllan on the other hand was very detail and having a great critical and visioner thinking. He built my perspective on dealing with how to see a goal wider and further.

I was so glad that both of them agreed to figure out the weakness of my scholarship essays and to find its best solution from their perspective. Though at the end, I am the one who decide any suggestion that would fit best to my condition and my goals, their input was a big support.






Borned and grew up as a professional in this working place with these brilliant people, I scarcely  can let all the memories here thrown away. May success and bless following us wherever we go guys!





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